don't tell anyone

    Shhh 12 - Dancing Fire

    Sigrid is fire. She composed this incredible song with Martin Sjølie. It just has this incredible modern classic tune. It's an electronic banger with a hip hop flare, all wrapped up in a cinematic polish. This 21 year old Norwegian nomad has finally travelled to the world stage of pop music.

    Shhh 11 - Channeling stars

    Waiting for you...I'd say that's the hardest part of this relationship. It's like we're Martians among humans.

    Shhh 10 - FLoating with you

    I'm on clouds as vast as the ocean.

    Shhh 09 - Styrofoam

    Keep dreaming or else you'll be just like everyone else — we wouldn't want that would we?

    Shhh 08 - DOG EAT DOG

    Give me more of you and I'll just consume.

    Shhh 07 - Kaleidoscope

    I wish there was a way to know that you're in the good old days before you've actually left them...

    Shhh 06 - Where Are You

    It's easy to get lost in yourself. There was a time when tomorrow was predictable. It's your move – where are you headed next?

    Shhh 05 - Altar

    No matter how much you pray, you’ll still be the same person with the same problems, staring at the same blank wall with no answers. You’re lonely, do something about it.

    Shhh 04 - Detroit Part 1

    The city after a cold stormy night is a little better. Just think of all that sweat, shit, piss, and greed being washed out and recycled into tap water for all of us to drink. Now you just have to worry about paying rent.

    Shhh 03 - Aquarium

    Play this song when you're Ubering back home from work. Nosaj Thing's "Aquarium" creates an underwater soundscape like no other. This LA producer has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Radiohead, and Toro y Moi.

    Shhh 02 - First Breath

    Giraffage's new album Too Real transports you into another realm. The last track "First Breath" is a personal favorite. Giraffage maintains a sinister balance between light and heavy tones throughout the song.

    Shhh 01 - Grey & Blue

    With all the technology in our hands today, we still struggle with communicating our thoughts and ideas. Fuck grey and blue text bubbles.

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